Test area

Test area description -Overview

Here are the main zones that compose the “TEST” environment of the Part Factory.

Zones of Part Factory – TEST area view
1 Part Factory has two main environments: DESIGN and TEST.

When the TEST is selected, it appears in blue color and it is possible to test the behavior of the considered part.

2 Three main functions allow testing the behavior that the part will have in Motor Factory by considering the properties described in the associated Excel file.

See the description of these three main functions below.

3 Shortcuts for displaying the corresponding chapter of the part properties.
4 The sector which represents the part is displayed on the central screen of the design environment of Part Factory.
5 Visualization of the part characteristics (part data described in chapters above etc) is possible.

Scrollbars allow browsing the whole document rapidly and having an overview of all the results. Using scrollbars, complete data can be accessed and visualized.

6 Dimensions of screens can be adjusted by moving the separator line between drawing and table of results.
7 User input parameters to test the three main behaviors of the considered part.See more information below.