How to define common properties ?

The Common Preferences to be defined are illustrated below

Common Preferences screen
1 The Preferences dialog box is opened from the Supervisor.
2 First tab is: Common Preferences.
3 Choice of language used in our applications: only English is available in the current version.
4 Number of decimals to consider after dot for all the numbers displayed in Altair FluxMotor™.
5 Number of most recently used motors.

When clicking on the icon Motor Factory, from the supervisor, it is possible either to create a new motor or to choose among a list of most recently used motors.

The number of most recently used motors available must be defined in the user preferences. The default value is 5.

6 When Yes is selected several Motor Factory sessions can be opened at the same time. Yes is set by default
7 Button to apply changes and close the Preferences dialog box.
8 Button to close the Preferences dialog box without applying the changes.