Create a New library

Create a new library

How to create a new library?
1 Click on the button “create a new library” (Shortcut Ctrl - L).
2 The new library is stored as a user’s library (either a magnet library, a slot library or a bar library).
3 Clicking on the button “Create a new library” opens a dedicated dialog box.
4 A library is defined by a name (MyLibrary in our example).
5 A comment can be added (it will be the tooltip of the created library).
6 With the current version of Altair® FluxMotor®, different kinds of libraries can be created like “Inner Magnet”, “Outer slot”, “Inner bar” libraries
7 Select the folder in which you want to store the new library (D:\Library_Slot in our example).
8 Set the author of this new library.
9 A reminder allows you to keep important notes to know what was considered for the new library.
10 Button to apply inputs, create the new library and close the dialog box.
11 Button to close the dialog box and to cancel the creation of the library.
Note: Once created, the library “MyLibrary” corresponds to a folder where the name is “MyLibrary” in which are stored the parts. The library folder “MyLibrary” is stored in a parent folder, Library_Slot for example. Here is the corresponding path: D:\Library_Slot\MyLibrary.
Note: The “Parts” are stored in the library folder (folder "Parts").All the data corresponding to a part, like the associated Excel file (see Part Factory section), are stored in a specific folder. There are also the “Attachments” (folder "Attachments") joined to the part by the user.