Propagation in Tunnels

The workflow for a typical propagation simulation in a tunnel is to use TuMan to create the tunnel geometries, use Feko or AMan to produce the antenna pattern and use ProMan to simulate the model and view the results.

For a typical propagation simulation in a tunnel, the workflow starts with TuMan (Tunnel Manager).

TuMan is a specialized module to create tunnel geometries. In TuMan, you define tunnel trajectories and tunnel cross sections. Junctions are possible as well. Prediction planes are also defined in TuMan.
Figure 1. Defining a tunnel cross section and a prediction plane in TuMan.

Once the tunnel was defined, export the geometry as an indoor database. From here, the workflow is the same as for a regular indoor propagation simulation. This indoor database can be further elaborated in WallMan if needed or be brought directly into ProMan.