Scale Database (All Objects)

With WallMan it is very easy to convert a database from units like inch to meters. Or to scale a database generated with a bitmap in the background.

The required scale tool can be found in the Edit > Scale All Objects menu. After activating the tool, the user is asked how the database should be scaled. It is possible to scale only in one direction (coordinate axis) or in two directions (in a horizontal plane, not affecting the heights) or in all directions. Even more, the scaling can be done by drawing a line with a certain length or by using a fixed scaling factor.

Figure 1. The Scale Objects dialog.

Additionally, the user can select if the bitmap should also be scaled or not. Not scaling the bitmap is especially important if the user wants to fit the database to the bitmap.

Lastly, the user can select if the stretching should be relative to the centre, origin or lower-left corner of the database.

After the user confirms the selection of the options, he can select if he wants to scale the database numerically (by entering a scaling factor) or by definition of a reference distance (drawn with mouse).

The reference distance mode is well suited if the user knows exactly how long a dedicated object or distance is and by drawing a line along this distance, the user can define the length of this line (in meters) afterwards. The line is defined by two points the user sets by clicking with the left mouse button.

Figure 2. The Scale dialog.

The dialog for the line length must be closed by clicking on OK. WallMan will ask for confirmation once more before the whole database will be resized.