Drag Mode

The Drag Mode is the first operational mode a template object must pass while being processed. In this mode, objects can be moved freely in 3D space. As the current view always is a 2D view, the movement in the current plane is done by using the mouse. Database scrolling is possible by moving the object to one of the borders of the current view. The mouse arrow always points to the 2D projection of the above-mentioned object origin and the object is suspended from the arrow position. So, if the mouse is moved, the object follows. 3rd coordinate changes can be done with the WallMan specific 3rd coordinate hot keys. These are in detail:
  • Shift +Cursor Up to increase/decrease the 3rd coordinate by 1 m,
  • Shift+Cursor Down to decrease the 3rd coordinate by 1 m,
  • Ctrl+Cursor Up to increase the 3rd coordinate by 10 m,
  • Ctrl+Cursor Down to decrease the 3rd coordinate by 10 m,
  • Shift+Ctrl+Cursor Up to increase the 3rd coordinate by 0.1 m,
  • Shift+Ctrl+Cursor Down to decrease the 3rd coordinate by 0.1 m.

The reference point for the object position in the database is the (3D) object origin. This is important for recombining template objects while the current view is not the ground plane view of the template. In this case, the template will be recombined and displayed in the current plane and a modification of the 3rd coordinate will be made in relation to the former origin.

For example:
  1. A template with a surrounding cuboid height of 2 meters is created in the xy-view and inserted into the database at z = 0 m.
  2. Afterwards, the current view plane is set to z = 1.5 m.
  3. Then a template recombination is done. This activates the Drag Mode.
  4. If the 3rd coordinate is modified now, this modification will be based on the former object origin which is in the plane z = 0 m.
  5. So, if the 3rd coordinate is increased by 1 m for instance, the object origin will be displaced to the plane z = 1 m and not to the plane z = 2.5 m which is 1 m above the current view plane.
  6. The Drag Mode is left by clicking the left mouse button once. This will automatically activate the Track Mode.