Using the Microsoft Visual Studio Project to Compile the Executable

After CMake was used to generate the Microsoft Visual Studio project with all dependencies (linked libraries), build the project to create an executable.

The following steps assume that you have Microsoft Visual Studio open.
  1. [Optional] View the .cpp file in the editor by clicking Solution Explorer tab (far right of the window) to open the Solution Explorer panel and click indoor_propagation.cpp.
    Figure 1. The Solution Explorer panel in Microsoft Visual Studio.

  2. Specify the output folder for the executable.
    1. In the Solution Explorer panel, from the IndoorPropagation right-click context menu, click Properties.
    2. Under General Properties, in the Output Directory folder, specify the folder where the executable is to be located.
      Attention: To avoid the need for administrative rights, select a folder other than C:\Program Files.
  3. Click Build > Build solution.
    The result is IndoorPropagation_debug.exe in the specified output folder.