Running an Example on Linux

Run a WinProp API example using Linux.

The minimum requirements for running an example are:
  • Compiler: GCC version 4.9.2 20150212 or equivalent
  • CMake version 3.13.1
Note: As an example, the workflow will be illustrated using the Indoor_propagation example located at:


  1. Navigate to the FEKO_HOME/api/winprop/examples/indoor_propagation1 directory using:
    cd FEKO_HOME/api/winprop/examples/indoor_propagation
    The indoor_propagation directory contains the following three files:
    • CMakeLists.txt
    • indoor_propagation.cpp
    • indoor_propagation.h
  2. Create a new directory called build and go into this directory by executing:
    mkdir build
    cd build
  3. Set up the project and create a make file by executing:
    cmake ..

    Figure 1. A sample of the output after executing cmake.
  4. Compile the code in indoor_propagation.cpp by executing:

    Figure 2. A sample of the output after the code was compiled.
The binary APIExampleCPPIndoorPropagation is written to FEKO_HOME/api/winprop/bin/ directory.
1 where %FEKO_HOME% refers to the location of the Altair Feko installation, for example, /home/username/2023.1/altair/feko.