Step 1: Loading the Background Bitmap

Create a new antenna pattern based on a graphical representation of the measured radiation pattern.

Figure 1. An example of a 2D antenna pattern (measured or from a data sheet).

To generate this pattern fast, the figures of the patterns should be scanned. The scanned bitmap should be saved in .bmp format (standard bitmap).

Then you have to generate a new pattern via the menu File and the item New 2D Antenna Pattern.

Using Bitmap > Import Bitmap, you have to select the scanned bitmap of the measured radiation pattern.

Figure 2. Generating a new 2D pattern.

Now the bitmap is displayed on the screen and the pattern can be drawn onto the bitmap after adjusting the coordinate system of AMan to the system of the scanned bitmap.

An example of such a bitmap is distributed together with the AMan software package.

Figure 3. Loading the bitmap.

Figure 4 shows the display after importing the bitmap. Note that the coordinate systems do not match.

Figure 4. Display after bitmap was imported.

The bitmap can be processed with different operations to adapt it to the display of AMan.

First, the bitmap can be moved via the menu Bitmap > Move Bitmap or by using the icon in the toolbar. The bitmap can then be moved by clicking with the left button of the mouse on the point of the bitmap (for example, the center of the pattern) and then (while the button is still pressed) moving the mouse pointer to the corresponding point of coordinate system of AMan.

Figure 5. Display after bitmap was moved (center of coordinate systems match).

The bitmap can be scaled to enlarge it (if it was very small) or to resize it in any direction. This is done using Bitmap > Zoom factor for bitmap or the icon can be clicked in the toolbar.

After this selection, the following dialog opens:
Figure 6. Scale / zoom factor for display of bitmaps.

You can enter the scale / zoom factor and can resize the bitmap. After entering a new factor of 150% the display changes from Figure 5 to Figure 7.

Figure 7. Display of bitmaps after scaling the bitmap.

Of course, the bitmap can be restored to its original size with the icon from the tool-bar or via the menu Bitmap > Original size of bitmap.

The bitmap can be hidden via the icon from the toolbar or via the menu Bitmap > Display bitmap.