Table Based Input of a New 2D Antenna Pattern

After a new pattern is created (with or without bitmap), you must first decide if it is a vertical or a horizontal pattern. This is asked after clicking with the mouse button anywhere in the display.

Figure 1. The Select type of antenna pattern dialog.

Figure 2. Insert a new gain / angle combination.

If the pattern is available in a table, the angles and gains can be numerically defined via a dialog. The gain can be defined in different directions via the menu Edit and the item Insert new points.

Avoid a multiple definitions of different gains for the same angle. This could lead to misinterpretation of your data. Within the dialog, the last inserted point can also be removed again.

Figure 3. The Insert new point dialog.

Often user defined patterns (drawn manually or entered numerically) have many points that are not defined. To increase the accuracy (especially for 2x2D to 3D interpolation), you can interpolate the pattern. The angle increment after the interpolation between the pixels can be defined in a dialog.