Conversion From 2x2D Pattern Data to 3D Pattern

A 3D antenna pattern can be loaded from a file and displayed (see sections before), or it can be interpolated from a vertical and a horizontal pattern.

All four algorithms presented in this section are included in AMan and can be selected by the user.
Figure 1. The Selection of conversion algorithm dialog.

For such a conversion the increments between the values to be interpolated can be defined to control the accuracy, the file size and the computation time.

The conversion is possible with:
  • WinProp 2D antenna patterns

    File > Convert 2x2D to 3D. Only binary files with the extensions .ahb (horizontal) and .avb (vertical) can be used.

  • MSI / PLN antenna patterns: File > Convert MSI to 3D.
  • Customer-defined antenna patterns: File > Convert Customer to 3D. This file format supports special formats of the customer (only if desired).

After selecting the settings of the conversion, the file(s) to be converted must be selected. Then the file is read, the conversion is computed, and the pattern is displayed in the 3D view.

Figure 2. Converting 2x2D pattern in the 3D view.

2x2D antenna patterns can be loaded as well as 3D patterns. But the pattern will always be displayed in 3D view.