Step 4-A: Field Strength of Isotropic Radiator (Reference Value)

The field strength of the isotropic radiator at the point P is used as a reference. The isotropic radiator is located at Mgeo and has the coordinates (xgeo, ygeo, zgeo).

To get the field strength, the following steps are required:
  • Distance d between P and Mgeo (using Pythagoras)
    d = ( x 1 x g e o ) 2 + ( y 1 y g e o ) 2 + ( z 1 z g e o ) 2
  • Computation of power density Siso at point P
    S i s o = P t 0 4 π d 2
    with Pt0 describing the sum of all transmitted antenna powers.
  • Computation of the effective electric field strength Eiso at the pixel P based on the power density Siso and the impedance of the free space ZF0 = 120 πΩ
    | E _ i s o | 2 = S i s o × Z F 0