Create a Rendering

You can render the entire scene or selected objects in the scene to produce one image file. Renderings can be performed in a queue. Choose from Render or Render in Darkroom.


Render is the faster option, allowing you to process the image in the application without the overhead of loading Darkroom. You then have the option to send the image to Darkroom for processing or save the image.

First, you need to do the following:
  • Open or create a model with materials applied.
  • Define the rendering settings.
  1. Do one of the following:
    To Do this
    Render the current view
    • Press Ctrl+R.
    • On the Rendering tab, click the Render icon.

    Render selected objects
    1. Select the objects you'd like to render.
    2. Press I to isolate the selected objects. Isolating an object zooms in and temporarily hides all other objects.
    3. On the Rendering tab, click the Render icon.

    4. Press I again to un-isolate the selected objects.
    The Render Image window is displayed.

    • To the bottom left of the current rendering, the status is displayed, including information about the rendering engine, number of samples, remaining time, and elapsed time.
    • At the top right of the window, the scale is displayed.
  2. Optional: To manage rendering, you can do the following:
    Table 1. Render Image Options
    To Do this
    Resume rendering Click Pause/Resume rendering.

    Pause rendering Click Pause/Resume rendering.

    Save Image Click Save Image .

    Continue rendering in Darkroom Click Continue rendering in Darkroom.

    Save image to Darkroom Click Save image to Darkroom.

You can manage the stored renderings and perform post-processing.