Manage the Stored Renderings

Show information about, export, and delete a stored rendering. You can also show the alpha channel and continue rendering.

Once a rendering is complete, it is automatically stored in the Image Browser. By default, the 25 most recent renderings are stored.

  1. On the ribbon, click the Rendering ribbon.
  2. Click the Darkroom icon.

  3. In the Image Browser, double-click a rendering to select it.
    A check mark appears at the bottom right of the currently selected rendering.
  4. You can do the following:
    To Do this Note
    Zoom in or out Use the mouse scroll wheel. The zoom ratio is displayed at the top right corner of the rendering, just to the left of the Display Settings.
    Show information about the rendering Click Show Information. Information such as the file path, resolution, and rendering method are displayed.
    Save a rendering as an image file Click Save As. You can save the rendering in the following formats: .jpg, .png, .hdr, .exr, .tiff, .tga, and .bmp.
    Show the alpha channel Click Show Alpha Channel. This is only available in Raw mode and if Alpha has been selected on the Channels tab in the Rendering Settings.

    The alpha channel and the color channel images are blended together.

    Continue rendering Click Continue Rendering. Only available with Presto/IR and Full (Progressive) rendering engines.

    You can increase the number of samples to reduce noise.

    Delete the rendering from the Image Browser Click Delete. The Delete button is located at the bottom right corner of the Image Browser.
    Tip: See Compare Renderings for more information about contrasting various renderings of your scene.