Troubleshooting: Can't Create a Fillet


When I try to create a fillet, it doesn't work and is displayed in orange.

Cause 1

The addendum doesn't completely intersect the binder.

Remedy 1

  1. Go back to the addendum Loft tool.
  2. Modify the ribs so that the addendum completely intersects the binder.

Cause 2

When creating variable edge fillets, the incorrect size was used.

Remedy 2

Do one of the following:
  • Start by creating a smaller fillet, and then add larger fillets only at the necessary locations.
  • Start by creating a larger fillet. Where a larger fillet fails, decrease the Radius to create a smaller fillet.

Cause 3

When trying to create a Loft Fillet, a hole is created instead of a fillet.

Remedy 3

  1. Press Alt and click a blue dot to add a fillet location.
  2. Click the fillet to rotate the fillet and fix self-intersections by doing one of the following:
    • Rotate the circle manipulator.
    • Modify the Angle.