Altair Inspire

Use Altair Inspire with the SimSolid solver to quickly create and analyze new designs.

The SimSolid solver is available from within Inspire for linear static and modal analysis.

To turn on the SimSolid solver in Inspire:
  1. Select File > Preferences > Run Options > Analysis Solver.
  2. Choose SimSolid in the drop-down menu.
  3. Click OK.

Port Geometry to SimSolid

Use the SimSolid Connect Extension to port geometry directly to SimSolid from Inspire.

You must have both SimSolid and Inspire version 2022.1 or newer for support of this extension.

  1. On the Inspire menu bar, click File > Extension Manager.
  2. In the Extension Manager, toggle the SimSolid Connect extension switch.
  3. Close the Extension Manager.
  4. On the menu bar, click Extensions to open the Extension ribbon.
  5. On the ribbon, select SimSolid Connect.
  6. Select from the following options in the tool.
    • Select Open to automatically open the geometry directly into a new or existing SimSolid project.
    • Select Export to export the geometry to an .SSJ file for easy import into SimSolid manually.

Export Project File

Export an Inspire model as a SimSolid Project (.ssp) file.

  1. On the Inspire Structure ribbon, Analysis tool, select Run SimSolid Analysis.
    Figure 1.
  2. In the dialog, click Export.

    Figure 2.
  3. Name the file and save it as an .ssp.

Open in SimSolid

Open the exported project file in SimSolid.

  1. Launch SimSolid.
  2. On the main window toolbar, click (Open project).
  3. Select the .ssp file exported previously.
  4. Click Open.

Tutorial Video

Use Inspire's various geometry tools (Sketch, Geometry, PolyMesh, and PolyNURBs ribbons) to create new parts or make changes to existing ones and quickly re-analyze with SimSolid.