Define or Manage a Linear Device

  1. In the Electrical & Thermal Properties dialog, click Linear Device Modeler.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Enter a model name and define or modify the model SSTL.
  4. Select the model type and assign any necessary properties in the Model Spec and Model Data tabs.
  5. Use the Save and Open menus to access the model later.

    Figure 1.

    The Properties > Components menu lists all components (reference designators or location identifiers) in the current design. In this menu, you can assign different RLC values to each reference name.

    Normally, PollEx SI assigns the same RLC value for the passive component has a same part name. In this menu users can assign different RLC value for the passive component has different reference designator number.

  6. Double-click the passive component.
    The Set Passive Data dialog opens.
  7. Set the Resistance value.
    You cannot change the Passive Type in this dialog. You can edit this using the Parts menu.

    Figure 2.