What are the Differences Between Bonded, Contacting and No Contact Tool Deflection?

Note: Contact boundary conditions are derived directly from Inspire. There is no customization on names so that we have all the updates from Inspire on this.
  Contact Type What it means What Inspire Extrude does in setup
1 Bonded Adjacent solids are glued together. Which means they are acting as if it is on esolid. Extrude will create connected mesh between adjacent solid.
2 Contacting Adjacent solids are interrelated and move or slide depending on constrains and loads Extrude will create disconnected mesh between adjacent solid and Contact boundary condition (as per OptiStruct) will be created.
3 No Contact Adjacent solids are not dependent one ach other. They are free to move. This boundary condition is not applicable to Extrude. If this is selected by mistake, it will use default condition as mentioned in #1 "Bonded".