How Are Symmetric Models Handled?

  1. Trim full model for desired sector.
  2. Delete unwanted solids and bearing curves.
  3. Reorganize solids as Billet, Feeder, Portholes, Pocket1 etc, as it was modeled.
  4. Organize lines belonging to bearing curve as Bearing Curve.

  • What angles of the symmetric model can be used for simulation?
    • 180° (requires extra step to setup)
    • 90°
    • 45°
    • 30°
    • 10°
    • And more
Note: Other than the 180° sector model, there are no special settings required to simulate the full sector of a model.

Requirements for 180° Sector Model

For the 180° sector model, we need at least one edge/imprint on the billet solid crossing the billet center.

Adding an Edge/Imprint on a Billet

  1. Trim the billet solid at the billet center.
  2. Combine two halves of billet solid.
  3. Remove all imprint lines on the billet solid, except for the one on the billet symmetric face.
  4. Organize the billet solid as billet again.