How Do I Set Variable Time Steps?

  1. Determine how many times Time Steps level you want for analysis. (We recommend 4 Time Steps level)
  2. Determine - start and end time for each Time Steps.
    Time steps level Start End
    1st 0 T(rac)
    2nd End time of 1st Time Step (Tmax/2 + T(rac))/2
    3rd End time of 2nd Time Step Tmax/2
    4th End time of 3rd Time Step Tmax (Max Extrusion time)
  3. Determine the number of steps in each Time Steps, i.e. Size. Choose the number of steps which will give you sizes as shown in table below.
    Time Steps level Size (sec)
    1st near to 1 sec
    2nd near to 2 sec
    3rd near to 3 sec
    4th near to 4 sec