Use the Shrinkwrap tool to surround parts with a single isosurface.

  1. If starting from an optimized part in Inspire, first copy the part and then select Paste Without Reference in the Model Browser.
  2. On the PolyMesh ribbon, select the Shrinkwrap tool.

    Tip: To find and open a tool, press Ctrl+F. For more information, see Find and Search for Tools.
  3. Select one or more parts, then click Shrinkwrap Parts to generate a single PolyMesh part.
  • The Shrinkwrap tool is useful when you want to merge optimized results with non-design-space regions. You would do this so you can fit a single PolyNURBS over the entire model.
  • By default, the selected parts are merged into a single part. This option can be disabled in the guidebar options menu.
  • Convert the shrinkwrapped part to a triangle mesh using the right-click context menu. You can then Boolean or use the Smooth tool on the triangular mesh.