Run MotionSolve at the Command Prompt

Included in MotionSolve is a script which runs all three MotionSolve modules in sequence to solve the multibody model and produce result files.

This script is called motionsolve.bat on Windows and motionsolve on Linux. It is located in the folder [install-path]\hwsolvers\scripts. You can use this script to run MotionSolve at the command prompt as follows.

  1. Open a command window [Windows] or terminal [Linux].
  2. At the command prompt, type: [install-path]\hwsolvers\scripts\motionsolve{.bat} <input_filename>.{xml|py|pyc|acf|mdl}.
    1. <input_filename>.xml - MotionSolve XML input file
    2. <input_filename>.py - MotionSolve PY input file (ASCII Python script)
    3. <input_filename>.pyc - MotionSolve compiled PY input file (binary)
    4. <input_filename>.acf - ADAMS solver command file
    5. <input_filename>.mdl - Simulink model file (for batch-mode co-simulation)
  3. To get a description of all possible command line options, type the following at the command prompt: motionsolve -help
    1. The -delay option delays the start of a MotionSolve run for the specified number of seconds. This functionality does not use licenses, computer memory, or CPU before the start of the run (the delay expires).
    2. The -delay option can only be used for a single job. Delays cannot be scheduled for multiple jobs in a queue.
    3. If the run is started using the Compute Console, the Schedule delay option should be used.
    Alternatively, you can also run MotionSolve via an executable, mbd_d{.exe}. The advantage of this method is that you can specify the MotionSolve environment variables directly, which you cannot when using motionsolve{.bat}. Usually, calling motionsolve{.bat} is the preferred method to run MotionSolve from command line.
  4. Locate the file mbd_d{.exe} in the folder [install-path]\hwsolvers\motionsolve\bin\<platform>.
  5. To run these modules, set the following environment variables as a minimum:
    1. NUSOL_DLL_DIR (Path to the MotionSolve bin directory)
    2. PATH (System path that should also include the MotionSolve bin directory)
    3. RADFLEX_PATH (Path to the license manager)
    4. LD_LIBRARY_PATH (Only on Linux machines)
    Terminating msolve{.exe} only terminates the solver module and automatically continues with the postprocess and writes the available results files (for example, .h3d, .abf, .plt); in other words, results that have been obtained until the time of termination. Terminating motionsolve{.bat} terminates all modules and no results are written. If you started MotionSolve using motionsolve{.bat} and want to terminate the simulation and continue writing result files (for example, h3d, .abf, .plt), you have to end the solver module (msolve) process directly.