MotionSolve® is an integrated solution to analyze, evaluate, and optimize the performance of multibody systems.

Figure 1.

MotionSolve offers powerful modeling, analysis, visualization and optimization capabilities for multi-disciplinary simulations. Its domains include kinematics and dynamics, statics and quasi-statics, rigid body contact evaluation, linear and vibration studies, stress and durability analysis, loads extraction, co-simulation, effort estimation and packaging synthesis, among others.

MotionSolve is based on a novel numerical methodology. It is particularly efficient with flexible bodies in the system. MotionSolve is also very efficient when computing 2D or 3D rigid body contact.

Multiple physics can be coupled with MotionSolve through:
  • Direct interfaces with other products such as AcuSolve (CFD) and Twin Activate (1-D Math).
  • Direct interfaces with products in the Altair Partner Alliance (APA) such as DSHPlus (hydraulics).
  • The use of Functional Mockup Units (FMU). FMUs are the most general-purpose coupling in that they are physics-agnostic.
  • A direct interface with MathWorks MATLAB®. This enables you to leverage the full power of the controls tool .

MotionSolve also offers a built-in optimization capability that can be used for mechanism synthesis, design, and optimization. It is also seamlessly integrated with HyperStudy for optimization studies. In addition, integration with OptiStruct is available to unleash the power of flexible bodies.

MotionSolve applications include driving and handling simulation of vehicles, suspension design, simulation of closures, airplane landing gear simulation, 3D rigid body contact simulation of mechanisms and gears, controlled flight of a drone, and so on.