Platform Support, Recommended Hardware, and Licensing

Platform Support

MotionSolve is compiled and supported for Microsoft Windows and Linux. Altair HyperWorks Platform Support defines the exact distribution and supported versions. As operating systems evolve, so does the support for them.

Recommended Hardware

The Altair HyperWorks Hardware Recommendations and Certifications contains the current recommendations for graphic boards, laptops, and desktop hardware configurations. In general, those recommendations are valid for MotionSolve as well. However, MotionSolve is considered as a system-level analysis tool whose performance does not scale as efficiently with a number of processors and size of RAM as finite element-based solvers, for example. MotionSolve primarily benefits from a processor's high clock speed and memory speed. The higher the speed, the better performance you can expect from MotionSolve.


Altair licensing is based on the Altair Licensing Manager (ALM), which enables the unique and flexible Altair Units business model. The Altair HyperWorks Solver Unit Draw describes the licensing for Altair solvers, including MotionSolve.