SLA Suspension Example

This example, referred to as MV3010 in this section, describes the optimization of an SLA suspension and is also available in MotionSolve tutorial MV-3010: Optimization using MotionView - HyperStudy.

Figure 1.

The design objective
Design a suspension such that the toe vs. ride height curve matches a target curve shown in red in the image below.
Figure 2.

The design variables
The Y- and Z-coordinates of the inner tie-rod ball joint and the outer tie-rod ball joint. There are four DVs and their design limits are specified as follows:
DV Value (bL, bU)
outerTieRodBall_y -565.15 (-651.15, -551.15)
outerTieRodBall_z +248.92 (+190.92, +250.92)
innerTieRodBall_y -215.90 (-298.90, -209.90)
innerTieRodBall_z +276.86 (+230.86, +278.86)
The constraints
There are no optimization constraints for this example.