Add a Field Name to a Note

If the Notes panel is not currently active, right-click on a note in the Results Browser and select Edit.
To add a field name to a note from the Notes panel:
  1. From the Notes panel, select a note from the Notes list.
  2. From the Field names drop-down menu, select fields to be used in a Templex expression.
    Tip: You can also enter a Templex expression directly into the Description box.
  3. Click Insert Field.
    Tip: Press Enter to create a new line. There is no limit to the number of lines a note can contain. Click the expansion button, , to enlarge the Description box.
  4. Click Apply to display the text in the note box or update existing text.
    Note: Templex statements entered in the Description box are evaluated when you click Apply. If an entity is referenced that is not available, it will be stated in the note. An 'if-then' statement can be used to remedy such a situation.