A 3D surface representation of points with equal values in the model space.


ISO_SURFACE(“name”) { parameters}


User-given name


iso_function (string)
Scalar quantity from which iso surface is generated
iso_value (string)
Value of scalar from which iso surface is created
name (string)
User-given name of the command. The instance of a given command is referenced using this parameter.
display_type (enum)
Specify how to display the surface
Options: solid, mesh_lines, feature_lines, contour_lines, vectors, vertices, shaded_vertices
solid_display_type (enum)
Specify the shading type for the surface. Used with display_type=solid
Options: flat, faceted, smooth
mesh_line_display (boolean)
Flag to control display of the mesh lines
Options: thin, medium, thick
transparency (real)
Level of transparency
1 is fully transparent
constant_color (enum)
Display the iso surface as a constant color
Options: white, green, blue, magenta, gray, yellow, light_blue, purple, red, black
contour_function (string)
Scalar quantity to be displayed on iso surface (pressure, velocity, and so on)
line_thickness (enum)
Thickness of lines for mesh display and feature line display
Options: thin, medium, thick
contour_line_display (boolean)
Display lines on the contour
contour_line_display_type (enum)
Line display type of contour lines
Options: black, white, contour, constant
num_contours (integer)
Number of contour lines to be displayed in legend
The limit is 500 contours.
color_type (enum)
Method used to set the display color
Options: constant, contour
export (boolean)
Flag to export data in ASCII format
active_flag (boolean)
Read and process the command or ignore it
legend_display (boolean)
Flag to toggle on or off the visibility of the legend
num_labels (integer)
Number of labels used in legend
legend_min (real)
Minimum value in legend
legend_max (real)
Maximum value in legend
legend_orientation (enum)
Specify orientation of the legend
Options: horizontal, vertical
legend_location (enum)
Location of the legend on the image
Options: top_left, top_center, top_right, bottom_left, bottom_center, bottom_right, center_left, center_right
threshold_clipping (boolean)
Specify if the iso surface should be clipped by the specified threshold
threshold_function (string)
Function to be used as threshold
threshold_min (real)
Minimum threshold value
threshold_max (real)
Maximum threshold value
filled_contours (boolean)
Option to display surface with constant colors within a polygon of the surface. If the scalar values change within a polygon, the polygon will then be split and colored appropriately for that polygon.
colormap_name (enum)
Colormap name to use for displaying the scalar function values
Options: Cool to Warm, Cool to Warm (Extended), Black-Body Radiation, X Ray, Inferno, Black, Blue and White, Blue Orange, Viridis, Gray and Red, Linear Green, Cold and Hot, Blue – Green – Orange, Rainbow Desaturated, Yellow – Gray – Blue, Rainbow Uniform, Rainbow, Rainbow Legacy