Post-processing utility that uses results from CFD simulations to generate a PowerPoint report containing images, animations, and graphs of the results from the simulation.

hwCFDReport is a command line utility that can be programmed to automatically generate reports for each simulation run. The utility accepts an input file that contains instructions on how to create plots and images for the simulation.

Visualization tools typically require you to manually load the full simulation results into the software to view the results. This can be laborious and require a powerful computer even for the simplest of images. Use this utility to side-step this process for pre-defined views. Since it runs in the background, the time taken to generate the report is less likely to impact you. When the simulation is run again with modified inputs, the recipe created for the utility can be reused to generate reports for the new simulation results. This creates reports that can be easily compared side by side and takes minimal effort.

The report is split into three parts:
  • A title page with an optional image
  • A text summary of the simulation
  • Plots, animations, and images from the simulation
Restriction: A full installation of HyperMesh CFD is needed on the machine where the report is generated. Both Windows and Linux OS are supported.