precursorRun Script

The precursorRun script is a standalone command line utility that generates the .xml input files to run two simulations: a precursor ultraFluidX simulation with coarser mesh and fast turnaround time and a user desired ultraFluidX simulation starting from the results generated by the precursor simulation.

This two-step process accelerates the time it takes to reach a steady solution in the user desired fine simulation.

In addition to creating the .xml files so the fine simulation restarts from the coarse precursor simulation, the script also:

  • Turns off surface and volume outputs in the precursor simulation
  • Turns off ramp up iterations in the fine simulation
  • Limits the maximum refinement level in the precursor simulation (user-specified)
  • Optionally runs the ultraFluidX simulations on the local machine


precursorRun -h
usage: precursorRun [-h] [-v VERBOSE] [-ngpu NUMBER_GPUS] [-fct COARSENING_FACTOR] [--max_refinement MAX_REFINEMENT] [-run {xml,ufx}] inpFile
precursorRun -ngpu 2 -run xml WindTunnel.xml


Input .xml file
For example: WindTunnel.xml

Optional Arguments

-h, --help
Show this help message and exit
-v, --verbose
Adjust verbosity of the output
default = 0
-ngpu, --number_gpus
Number of gpus to use in the simulation
Default = 1
-fct, --coarsening_factor
Factor to coarsen the precursor simulation
Default = 2
Limit the maximum refinement level of the precursor simulation
Default = 20
-run {xml,ufx}
Choose whether to generate the .xml files or run ultraFluidX