Translate a FieldView binary data file to a H3D format file.




AcuSolve Post-Processing Program


In the following, the full name of each option is followed by its abbreviated name and its type. See the description below for more details.
help or h (boolean)
If set, the program prints a usage message and exits. The usage message includes all available options, their current values and the source of their current values.
problem or pb (string)
The name of the problem is specified via this option.
working_directory or dir (string)
All fieldview files are stored in this directory.
run_id or run (integer)
The run number in which the translation is requested. If run_id is set to 0, the last run in the working directory is assumed.


AcuFv2H3D is used to translate fieldview data files of the channel problem to .h3d data files by issuing the following command. The converted .h3d files can be imported into HyperMesh CFD and SimLab for visualization.
acuFv2H3D -pb channel