Shape defeaturing on geometric objects


In order to make the geometry more simply to mesh afterward, the user can achieve slight modifications to the imported geometry by means of various automated functions:

These operations, which are detailed in the corresponding paragraphs, can be done singularly, but can also be performed by the user in one shot, as explained here below.

Multiple deletions

To make multiple deletions:

Step Action

Open the dialog box:

  • click on the icon or
  • in the Tools menu, click on Make a defeaturing
The dialog box Make a defeaturing is opened.

In order to execute multiple deletions it is compulsory to enter a numerical value for the following four fields:

  • value of the maximum radius of the blends to be removed (in meter)
  • value of the maximum angle of the blends to be removed (in degrees)
  • value of the maximum width of the chamfers to be removed (in meter)
  • value of the maximum diameter of the holes to be removed (in meter)
  • select the objects to be simplified

Confirm by clicking on OK

The blends, chamfers and holes have been removed on the selected objects.