Cut plane

Creation of cut planes

To create a cut plane:

Step Action

Open the dialog box:

  • click on the icon or
  • in the Tools menu, click on New
The dialog box New cut plane is opened.

Create a cut plane:

  • give a name to the cut plane
  • possibly insert a comment for this cut plane

The cut plane can be defined by:

  • a face; select the desired face
  • a top and an edge; select the desired top and edge
  • three tops; select the three desired tops
  • a XY plane; specify the Z coordinate of the cut plane
  • a XZ plane; specify the Y coordinate of the cut plane
  • a YZ plane; specify the X coordinate of the cut plane
  • an equation Ax+By+Cz+D=0

Confirm by clicking on OK

The cut plane appears on the screen.