Importation of CAD files


The importation of MCAD geometry is firstly a conversion of the elements described in the file into geometric objects proper to the CAD context of Flux PEEC.

In order to well placing these objects in the 3D space, the user can choose the coordinate system that Flux PEEC must consider during the importation process.

The available choices for the coordinate system are detailed in the following paragraph.

Coordinate system

If the user selects the XYZ1 coordinate system which is predefined in Flux PEEC or one of the other existing coordinate systems, the imported geometric objects are defined in this coordinate system chosen by the user.

If, on the other hand, the user does not select any coordinate system, Flux PEEC automatically creates a new coordinate system called XXX_i, where:

  • XXX is the format of the imported MCAD file
  • i is incremented by 1 at each novel importation in the project

This new coordinate system coincides with the XYZ1 one.

The user can then move the imported geometric objects, by modifying the characteristics of this coordinate system.


To import geometry from XXX file:

Step Action

Activate the command:

  • in the Project menu, point on CAD import and click on Import of a XXX file
A dialog box Import of a XXX file is opened.

Select the file by clicking on the button

A dialog box Open is opened.
  • seek the file and click on it
  • click on Open
The complete path of the file is registered in the text zone File name of the dialog box Import of a XXX file
4 Choose the coordinate system
5 Choose if the automatic healing operations have to be carried out during the importation

Confirm by clicking on OK

One or several geometrical figures appear in the CAD context of Flux PEEC.