Concepts of view

The graphic zone

The graphic zone is a zone where a graphic representation of the modeled device is displayed.

The coordinate system displayed in the left bottom of the zone gives the principal axes direction to orient the figure.

Concept of view

The 2D or 3D view of a device in the graphic zone is called graphic view .

View transparency

The graphic view of the device can be displayed with more or less clear faces and volumes . This functionality controls the level of transparency of faces and volumes. It gives the possibility to visualize the inside of the device geometry, without setting faces and volumes invisible.

Scale of transparency

The transparency level of faces and volumes can be set using a scale of transparency located on the right bottom of the graphic zone.

Scale of transparency Graphic view of device
minimal value (T) transparent faces and volumes
maximal value (0) opaque faces and volumes
intermediate value (by default) more or less clear faces and volumes