Data exchange: the multipoint support

On the supports of exchange

The data exchanges can be carried out on various supports: points of domain, nodes of mesh…

Two types of exchange support are presented in the table below.

If identical mesh If different mesh

Data exchange on the nodes of the mesh

Data exchange on a group of points


To each node

(of one mesh)

a position

(of the other mesh)

is associated

Support of exchange = group of nodes Support of exchange = group of nodes

Multipoint support: definition

A multipoint support is a group of points (group of dots) used in Flux for the transfer of data between software items.

An example of using a multipoint support is presented in the following block.


Under focus there is an example of a Flux-Flux co-simulation, between two standard applications (Electric Conduction / Steady state Thermal).

The mesh of the area interested in the data transfer (the area where the heating is produced) is different for each application: electric / thermal (see the figure below).

Electric application Thermal application

To exchange the data, two multipoint supports are needed.

The two multipoint supports necessary for data exchange are presented below.

To carry out a transfer data in direction 1 …

(= transfer of power density from the electric application towards the thermal application)

… the Multipoint support MP1 is used

The MP1 support is a Flux object of the electric problem = group of points corresponding to the thermal nodes (coordinates of the thermal nodes in the electric problem)

To carry out a transfer of data in direction 2 …

(= transfer of temperature from the thermal application towards the electric application)

... the Multipoint support MP2 is used

The MP2 support is a Flux object of the thermal problem = group of points corresponding to the electrical nodes (coordinates of the electrical nodes in the thermal problem)


For the transfer of the quantities (power losses, temperature...), there is an interpolation of the values on the points, which do not coincide, with the nodes of the mesh.