Switch and semi-conductor components: overview


The semi-conductor components are of four types:

  • the switch
  • the diode


The semi-conductor components switch, diode are available only in transient applications .

In fact, it deals with the commanded components, and their state (on, off) is time dependent.


In a general way the semi-conductor components are defined by:

  • a current-voltage characteristic
  • a command mode

Two models are available for this characteristic:

  • Ron-Roff model
  • Exponentiel model

These two models are described in the following paragraph (§ Semi-conductor components: diode model ).

The semi-conductors components are presented in the table below.

Component Model for the current-voltage characteristic Command mode
ignition extinction
Switch Ron-Roff controlled controlled
Diode Ron-Roff / Exponential natural natural