The "IcepakExportResult.PFM" macro permits, after solving in the "Supplied Conductors (AC)" application, to export to a file of extension .csv, the value of the Joule losses in the unidirectional conductors in order to be able to use them in the Icepak software.


  • Name for the file which the exported results will be saved


  • .csv file with the value of the Joule losses

    This file can be then be reused in the Icepak software, but it will also be possible to be opened as a text file or in Excel.


After two headlines, this file consists of a line per unidirectional conductor of the Flux PEEC project. More particularly, the following information is reported:

  • Name of the conductor
  • Material of which it is made
  • Key-word "constant" indicating that it is about the active power
  • Value of the power, or Joule losses, dissipated in all the volume of the conductor
  • Measurement unit for this power