The "AutomaticReport_FluxPEEC.PFM" macro permits to export all the data of an Flux PEEC project (geometry, mesh, physics, solver and post-processing) in the html and text formats, as well as to create an image of the simulated structure.


  • Name for the file which the report will be saved
  • Data of the Flux PEEC project that the user wishes to include in the report


  • The report in html and txt formats

Paragraphs of report of an Flux PEEC project

The paragraphs of a report of an Flux PEEC project are the following:

  • geometric properties, that can be reported in simplified or complete version. The simplified version includes only the characteristics of the geometric parameters, the coordinate systems, the transformations, the Tube Points, the Profiles and the Geometric Tubes. On the other hand, the complete version also comprises the characteristics of the points, the lines, the faces and the volumes
  • mesh characteristics
  • physical properties of the simulation, i.e. the type of application, physical parameters, the materials, the unidirectional and bidirectional conductors, the components of the electric circuit, the terminals and the connections
  • characteristics of the computation, i.e. the solving scenario and the solver type
  • results obtained after the solving process, which depend on the chosen application. In the case of an "Conductors Impedance" simulation, the results included in the report are the values of all the 2D curves drawn by the user. In the "Supplied Conductors (AC)" application, besides the 2D curves, the file comprises the characteristics of the paths and of the 2D grids created by the user.
Note: the report file in the html format also includes an image of the simulated structure

Image of Flux PEEC project

The "AutomaticReport_FluxPEEC.PFM" macro creates, in .png format, an image of the graphic view of the Flux PEEC project, which permits to represent the simulated structure.

This image is integrated to the report in html format and it is equally stored under the name "view-geom.png" in the "screenshots" sub-folder, which the macro has automatically generated in the folder that the user has defined at the moment of the macro execution.