Console Mode (only supported on Linux)


A console mode installation process mimics the default GUI wizard steps, but uses only the standard input and output. Console mode allows for text to be output to the console.
  • Installing Altair Flux using console mode is only supported on Linux.
  • If the terminal does not have any GUI/X capabilities (such as a pure SSH terminal session), launching the installer without any additional options will automatically start the console mode.

Console mode

Trigger a console mode installer from the command line by appending the following command parameter to the installer:
-i console


In order to use the console mode, open a command terminal:
  1. Change directory to the location where the installer resides with the cd command
  2. Execute the sh command on the installer binary where [INSTALLER_NAME] is the installer binary with the additional command parameter:
    sh [INSTALLER_NAME] -i console