This installation guide provides instructions for the Altair Flux & FluxMotor 2024 installation on supported platforms.

This installation includes the following Altair Simulation 2024 applications:
  • Altair Flux
  • Altair FluxMotor

where each application makes use of the Altair Units (AUs) licensing system.

The Altair Units licensing allows the Altair License Management (ALM) system to be used if ALM is installed and properly configured. The Altair License Management licensing allows the flexibility to use other Altair Simulation 2024 applications.

In order to run Altair Simulation 2024 applications, you need to connect the applications to the Altair License Management System 15.5 (or higher, using the latest version is recommended). Details of the installation and how to start the Altair License Manager can be found in the Altair License Management System 15.5 Installation Guide. The license packages are available on Altair Connect or Altair One Marketplace.