Viewing the Results

View and post-process the results in POSTFEKO.

  1. Load both the full model and subdivided model into POSTFEKO.
  2. Plot the real and imaginary parts of the input impedance (MicrostripPort1) on a Cartesian graph.
  3. Compare the computational resources of the models.
    Table 1. Comparison of the computational resources for the models (per frequency point).
    Model Memory (MByte) Time (s)
    Full model 3.7 184
    Network only 3.3 78
    Patch with network 3.4 138

    The solution time is reduced when substituting the feed network with a non-radiating network. This method reduces the design time of the full model if the feed network design is final but the antenna requires further changes. For larger models the computational resource differences will be more pronounced.

    Figure 1. Input impedance of the patch: Full model vs using a non-radiating network.