Creating the Model

Create the model in CADFEKO. Define any ports and sources required for the model. Specify the operating frequency or frequency range for the model.

  1. Set the model unit to millimetres.
  2. Define the following variables.
    • fmin = 1.3e9 (The lowest simulation frequency.)
    • fmax = 1.5e9 (The highest simulation frequency.)
    • h = 70 (The height of the dipole.)
    • wireRadius = 0.1 (The radius of the dipole segments.)
  3. Create the dipole.
    1. Create a line.
      • Start point: (0, 0, -h/2)
      • End point: (0, 0, h/2)
      • Label: dipole
    2. Add a wire port to the middle of the line.
    3. Label the port Port1.
  4. Set a continuous frequency range from fmin to fmax.
  5. Create a general network using a SPICE circuit.
    1. Rename GeneralNetwork1 to MatchingNetwork.
      Note: The network label must correspond to the internal network name used in Match_circuit.cir.
      Matching circuit
      .SUBCKT MatchingNetwork n1 n2
      c1 n1 0 2.43pF
      l1 n1 n2 41.2nH
      .ENDS NWN1
  6. Create a voltage source.
    1. For Port select MatchingNetwork.Port1
  7. In the schematic view, connect Port1 (the dipole) to Port2 of the network.

    Figure 1. Schematic view of the matching network and port of the dipole.