Defining Calculation Requests

Define the calculation requests in CADFEKO.

  1. Create a full 3D far field request.
    1. On the Advanced tab of the far field request, enable Export fields to ASCII file (*.ffe).
    2. Enable Calculate spherical expansion mode coefficients.
    3. Enable Export spherical expansion mode coefficients to ASCII file.
    • Define a far field receiving antenna using a .ffe file.
    • Define a spherical modes receiving antenna using a .sph file.
  2. Create a near field request.
    1. Definition method: Spherical
    2. On the Advanced tab enable Export fields to ASCII file (*.efe/*.hfe)
    3. Start: (0.45, 0, 0)
    4. End: (0.45, 180, 360)
    5. Increment: (0, 5, 5)
      Note: Define a near field aperture receiving antenna using .efe/.hfe files.

      Since the near field surface should capture the entire radiating area of the antenna and the helix antenna has a small ground plane, a spherical near field request surrounding the antenna is sufficient.

The exported files are used in the set up of Antenna Coupling with Ideal Receiving Antenna.