Script Reuse

How do I import a script from another matrix-based tool, such as Octave, into Compose?

OML is compatible with Octave, which means that Octave scripts can be used directly in OML with minor differences in specific commands. OML adoption is non-disruptive and can coexist with other math tools.

How do I reuse my existing matrix-based scripts in Compose?

First change the file extension of the script to .oml, then run the script in Compose. Once you execute the script, errors will be reported that you can fix using these guidelines:

  • Single quotes are the standard.
  • Plot types are supported, but not all arguments are necessarily recognized.
  • Function is supported, but not all arguments are necessarily recognized.
  • Extrapolation is not the default in interpolation functions.
  • Plot handles are printed in the command window if a semicolon is not used.

What are the advantages of replacing my existing matrix-based tool with Compose?

Advantages include:

  • Non-disruptive OML adoption. OML can be used in conjunction with other matrix-based languages such as Octave.
  • Harmonious coexistence with other math tools.
  • Participation in the Altair Units business model which lets you access Compose in addition to vast capabilities and libraries without additional purchases or toolbox requirements.