Can I use OML without coding experience?

Yes. OML is a high-level language with an easy learning curve due to the following:
  • OML syntax is similar to mathematical expressions.
  • You do not have to declare variables upfront.
  • If variables change their size over the course of the code execution, you do not need to resize them; you can simply append or cut the data.
  • The Compose OML Editor provides syntax highlighting which helps you learn OML quickly.
  • CAE Reader, HDF5 Viewer, UI Designer, Signal Viewer, and Plot Editor utilities are available to help you generate OML syntax for your particular needs.

Can I get started with OML if I am familiar with matrix-based tools such as Octave?

OML is compatible with Octave, which means that you can easily transfer your knowledge of Octave to OML with minor differences in specific commands. You can also leverage legacy data and syntax knowledge from other matrix-based tools into OML.