HyperWorks Integration

Can I register a Compose function and use it with other Altair software?

Yes, right-click the function name and select Register Function…. The function will be readily available to use in other Altair products such as HyperGraph, HyperView and HyperMesh.

How do I match signal processing results from Hypergraph to Compose?

Take into account these factors when comparing HyperGraph and Compose outputs with respect to signal processing (Fast Fourier Transform, Power Spectral Density etc.):

  • Issues of sampling frequency and filter domain are a matter of understanding the processing, not matters of difference between HyperGraph and Compose.
  • For FFT based functions, HyperGraph implicitly zero pads input signal lengths up to the next higher power of two if needed. In Compose, FFT-based functions do not require the signal length to be a power of two, and therefore has no need to zero pad.
  • PSD differences are expected because of differences in window bias correction.

Usually HyperGraph and Compose results do not match due to different procedures rather than the results being right or wrong.

When these differences are taken into account in both software products, the results will always match, for example: