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Global Digital Week – Driving Digital Transformation with Altair IoT Studio
At Gidcomp Global Digital Week 2023, Paloma Reinoso -Product Manager of Altair IoT Studio, shared her vision about the Digital Thread and how to drive digital transformation leveraging different Altair tools for IoT and Data Analytics. Watch the presentation here.
Video - How an IoT Developer Transformed from Lightbulbs to Smart Building Solutions
At IoT Solutions World Congress 2022, Dan Hollenkamp – COO, Toggled, shared their journey leapfrogging from an LED lighting company to a provider of intelligent, connected lighting and building management solutions.
Watch the YouTube video here
Presentation - UK ATC 2022
Dr. Adam Towse, Head of Discipline (Stress) at Assystem Energy and Infrastructure, presents at the UK Altair Technology Conference 2022.
Watch the presentation here.
Article - Developing Smart Product Ecosystems To Transform Your Business And Leapfrog The Competition
The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way companies do business and deliver value to customers. Harnessing the power of smart interconnections between systems and assets by deploying smart product ecosystems is creating new product lines and recurring revenue streams, increasing operational efficiency, improving product life and quality, reducing equipment downtimes, and enabling faster time-to-market.
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Article - Altair's Complete Workflow to Create an Innovative AI, IoT Ecosystem
A current trope in the product design community is that consumers are no longer buying a coffee maker, microwave, lightbulb or any other device. They are buying smart, connected versions of these products. As a result, software development is becoming essential to product development.
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Webinars - Watch Altair Webinars on Demand
Watch the free Altair Webinars on demand for the ASME E-Fest.
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IoT Projects Developed with Altair IoT Studio
Student Learning Event 2022 Day3 Track 1 Use Data in the Cloud with Altair IoT Studio by Matthew Kim
Watch the video on YouTube here.

Spanish Language

Seminario web - Hacia un todo inteligente y conectado
ASINCA, en el marco del Proyecto Campaña de Promoción de la #Industria4.0 en el Sector Industrial, subvencionado por Consejería de Turismo, Industria y Comercio del Gobierno de Canarias, ha celebrado el webinar “Hacia un todo inteligente y conectado: cambiando las reglas del juego para la industria 4.0”, para el que contamos con la colaboración de #altair21.
Mira el video aquí.
Seminario web - Cómo impulsar la industria 4 0
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El artículo - ¿Cómo acelerar e impulsar la Industria 4.0?
Paloma Reinoso, Senior IoT Product Specialist en Altair España: “A pesar de que la cuarta revolución industrial se inició hace ya tiempo, es ahora cuando realmente existen soluciones robustas que permiten realizar una implementación de manera eficiente”
Lea el artículo aquí.