Free Trial Limits

Your Altair IoT Studio account allows you to access almost all of the features of the IoT platform for free for six months. Spaces will have some guidelines that limit available resources like amount of data stored, people collaborating on the IoT project, and so on. Once you decide to upgrade your account, these limits can be increased as needed for each Space.
Note: The information described below applies only to Altair IoT Studio SaaS offering.

The limits will start to apply on June 3rd, 2024.

The Limits are applicable to the following features:


Table 1.
Feature Limit Description
Total amount of messages per day: 1000 messages / day Total amount of messages per day = Number of connected devices * Number of messages exchanged per day per device.
  • Number of connected devices: hardware devices, such as sensors, gadgets, appliances, and other machines that collect and exchange data with the platform
  • Number of messages exchanged per day per device: messages can be exchanged via HTTP or MQTT protocols.
Data History retention 1 month Data will be stored on the platform for 1 month
API requests 1000 API requests / day Does not take into account the messages exchanged from the device to the platform.


Table 2.
Feature Limit Description
Compute power 0.25 CPUs Deploy code without provisioning servers, building an API, or maintaining the infrastructure.

Develop simple logic (alerts, events, notifications, simple aggregations, etc.)

Panopticon Stream Processing

This feature is not available for free Spaces.

Panopticon Real Time Visualization

This feature is not available for free Spaces.

Edge Ops

Table 5.
Feature Limit Description
Number of Edge Nodes 2 To manage the edge setup: build, manage, and scale automation and intelligence at the edge.


Table 6.
Feature Limit Description
Developer 1 People at the organization building an IoT application on top of Altair IoT Studio.