OAUTH 2.0 Scopes for Altair IoT Studio APIs

This documents lists the OAuth 2.0 scopes available to access to Altair IoT Studio APIs. Choose what scopes you should request for based on the level of access you need over the resources you are requesting. Note that you can only request those scopes you have been granted.


Table 1.
Scope Description
thing Any operation on Things
thing.create Create new Things, Property Values, Properties-History, Actions and Events
thing.read Retrieve Things, Property Values, Properties-History, Actions and Events
thing.update Update Things, Property Values and Actions
thing.delete Delete Things, Properties-History and Actions


Table 2.
Scope Description
category Any operation on Categories
category.create Add new Categories
category.read Retrieve Category information
category.update Update Category information
category.delete Delete a Category

Models and Versions

Table 3.
Scope Description
model Any operation on Models and Versions
model.create Add new Models and Versions
model.read Retrieve Model and Version information
model.update Update Model information
model.delete Delete Model information


Table 4.
Scope Description
query Any operation on Queries.
query.read Retrieve Query information.


Table 5.
Scope Definition
mqtt Any operation on MQTT
mqtt.credentials Any operation on MQTT credentials
mqtt.credentials.update Update the MQTT credentials

MQTT Categories Credentials

Table 6.
Scope Definition
category.mqtt Any operation on MQTT Categories credentials
category.mqtt.create Create new MQTT Category credentials
category.mqtt.read Retrieve the MQTT Category credentials
category.mqtt.update Update the MQTT Category credentials
category.mqtt.delete Delete the MQTT Category credentials

MQTT Labels Credentials

Table 7.
Scope Definition
label.mqtt Any operation on MQTT Labels credentials
label.mqtt.create Create new MQTT Labels credentials
label.mqtt.read Retrieve the MQTT Labels credentials
label.mqtt.update Update the MQTT Labels credentials
label.mqtt.delete Delete the MQTT Labels credentials

MQTT HFD Credentials

Table 8.
Scope Definition
mqtt.hfd Any operation on MQTT High Frequency Data credentials
mqtt.hfd.create Create new MQTT High Frequency Data credentials
mqtt.hfd.read Retrieve the MQTT High Frequency Data credentials
mqtt.hfd.update Update the MQTT High Frequency Data credentials
mqtt.hfd.delete Delete the MQTT High Frequency Data credentials

MQTT Things Credentials

Table 9.
Scope Definition
thing.mqtt Any operation on MQTT Things credentials
thing.mqtt.create Create new MQTT Things credentials
thing.mqtt.read Retrieve the MQTT Things credentials
thing.mqtt.update Update the MQTT Things credentials
thing.mqtt.delete Delete the MQTT Things credentials


Table 10.
Scope Descriptions
cluster Any operation on Clusters
cluster.create Create new Clusters
cluster.read Retrieve Clusters
cluster.update Update Clusters
cluster.delete Delete Clusters
cluster.reinstall Request for Clusters reinstallation

Cluster Resources

Table 11.
Scope Descriptions
resource Any operation on Cluster Resources
resource.create Add new Cluster Resources.
resource.read Retrieve Cluster Resources
resource.update Update a Cluster Resource
resource.delete Delete a Cluster Resource

Edge Applications

Table 12.
Scope Descriptions
edge-app Any operation on Edge Applications
edge-app.create Add new Edge Applications
edge-app.read Retrieve Edge Application information
edge-app.delete Delete an Edge Application

Edge Distributions

Table 13.
Scope Descriptions
edge-distribution Any operation on Edge Distributions
edge-distribution.create Add new Edge Distributions
edge-distribution.read Retrieve Edge Distributions information
edge-distribution.delete Delete an Edge Distribution

Edge Rollouts

Table 14.
Scope Descriptions
edge-rollout Any operation on Edge Rollouts
edge-rollout.create Add new Edge Rollouts
edge-rollout.read Retrieve Edge Rollout information
edge-rollout.update Update an Edge Rollout information
edge-rollout.delete Delete an Edge Rollout


Table 15.
Scope Description
label Any operation of Labels
label.create Add new Labels
label.read Retrieve Label information
label.update Update a Label
label.delete Delete a Label


Table 16.
Scope Description
policy Any operation on Policies.
policy.create Add new permissions of users and roles over resources
policy.read Retrieve user and role permissions
policy.update Update user and role permissions
policy.delete Delete user and role permissions


Table 17.
Scope Description
role Any operation on Role associations
role.create Add new user-role and role-role associations
role.read Retrieve Role associations
role.update Update Role associations
role.delete Delete Role associations


Table 18.
Scope Description
app Any operation on Apps
app.create Add new App
app.read Retrieve App information
app.update Update an App
app.delete Delete an App


Table 19.
Scope Description
function Any operation on Functions
function.create Add new Functions
function.read Retrieve Function information
function.update Update a Function
function.delete Delete a Function
function.invoke Invoke a Function
function.log Retrieve Function log
function.code Retrieve Function code


Table 20.
Scope Description
trigger Any operation on Triggers
trigger.create Add new Triggers
trigger.read Retrieve Trigger information
trigger.update Update a Trigger
trigger.delete Delete a Trigger


Table 21.
Scope Description
secret Any operation on Secrets
secret.create Add new Secrets
secret.read Retrieve Secret information
secret.update Update a Secret
secret.delete Delete a Secret


Table 22.
Scope Description
user Any operation on Users
user.read Retrieve User information
user.delete Delete a User from a Space


Table 23.
Scope Description
invitation Any operation on Invitations
invitation.create Add new Invitations
invitation.read Retrieve Invitation information
invitation.update Update an Invitation
invitation.delete Delete an Invitation