Launch the PollEx Technical Cleanliness (TC).

From the menu bar, click Verification > Technical Cleanliness.

Figure 1.
Technical Cleanliness has the two sub menus:
  • Input - Consists the following tabs:
    • Input Tab
    • Constraints Tab
    • Target Nets Tab
  • Result - Reports analyzed input parameters.

The PollEx TC main dialog window displays the Input, Constraints, and Target Nets tab.

Input Tab

Sets Technical cleanliness input parameter.

Figure 2.

Constraints Tab

Selects option requirements.

Figure 3.

Target Nets Tab

Sets net requirements.

Figure 4.
All tabs have the following options:
  • Save: Saves the current input parameters into a *.teci file.
  • Save as: Saves the current input parameters into a *.teci file with a different name.
  • Load: Loads saved *.teci file.
  • Set Area: Selects the Specific area in the design to be analyzed
  • Start: Begins the analysis of input parameters.

    If changes/updates are made to the input parameters, It should be saved before analysis.

Figure 5.